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Topographic Mapping
Digital Orthophoto Production
Aerial Photography
Geospatial Data Solutions
Softcopy Photogrammetry
Digital Photogrammetric Services
LiDar Services
GIS Integration/Analysis
Remote Sensing
Aerial Triangulation
Robert J. Lung & Associates
2832 Walnut Avenue, Suite E
Tustin, CA 92780
Office: (714) 832-2077
Fax: (714) 832-2049


Robert J. Lung & Associates, Inc. is a leading Aerial Mapping Company providing for your geospatial data needs through the acquisition of high resolution aerial imagery, LiDAR, remote sensing and producing precision digital mapping, GIS databases and color orthophotos.
Our tradition of excellence and our unparalleled quality has made us a clear leader in the mapping industry for over 30 years with our client base built on over 95% of repeat business. Our primary focus has always been producing a superior product to ensure client satisfaction.
With our own aircraft and cameras we have full control over any given project from beginning to end which allows us to provide our rigorous quality controls to every phase, to ensure that every mapping project we undertake will meet and exceed your accuracy needs. We have completed countless aerial surveys nationwide working predominantly in the West Coast and over to Hawaii as well as worldwide including Canada, Mexico and Guam in the Mariana Islands.
Our success is built on uncompromised accuracy, competitive pricing and meeting difficult deadlines.
Please call us for assistance in providing any and all of your mapping and spatial data needs.
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